All eyes are on Matovič. He is facing a major task

August 6, 2020

Slovakia needs to make big decisions. Can it become the European tiger again?

Pandemic increased interest in Slovakia as a business destination

August 6, 2020

Drop in demand is a major challenge for German companies in Slovakia.

Slovakia is ready to send help to Lebanon

August 6, 2020

No Slovak citizens among the August 4 blast confirmed so far.

The number of university graduates far exceeds market needs

August 6, 2020

Only one in five job offers requires a university degree, the recent analysis suggests.

Sightseeing tour more popular when travelling in Slovakia

August 5, 2020

They are not interested in urban and congress destinations.

When we knelt in honour of Floyd, something inside me broke

August 6, 2020

Tyrone Chambers, an American opera singer based in Germany, shares what it feels like to be an American living in Europe, watching the BLM movement from across the ocean.


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