Hynek Pallas on growing up in a Czech cultural hub in Sweden

September 6, 2021

Journalist and film critic Hynek Pallas grew up in a notable Czech household in Sweden, where his dissident family settled after being forced out of Czechoslovakia.

African American poetry in Czechoslovakia, viewed through a Cold War prism

September 4, 2021

Dr Františka Schormová was awarded Charles University’s highest academic accolade this spring for her dissertation titled “African American Poets Abroad: Black and Red Allegiances in Early Cold War Czechoslovakia”.

Czech govt aims to reintroduce ‘master craftsman’ qualification scrapped in 1949

September 3, 2021

Finding a good bricklayer, carpenter, roofer has long been a challenge in the Czech Republic. By some estimates, the domestic market lacks over 300,000 such craftsmen, leading companies to recruit workers from abroad, in particular from Slovakia, Poland and Ukraine.

News digest: General Prosecutor's Office premises closed to some journalists

September 2, 2021

Students and pupils returned to schools. Kitchen of the hospital became coronavirus hotspot. Slovak company to produce components for combat vehicles.

Most journalists barred from general prosecutor's press conference on acquittal

September 2, 2021

The resolution raises legitimate doubts, the Special Prosecutor’s Office commented.

Wooden beams ripped from village church by tornado being turned into cross for Pope Francis

September 2, 2021

Wooden beams from the dome of a church damaged by a tornado in the Moravská Nová Ves village in southern Moravia are being made into a cross for the upcoming visit of Pope Francis to neighbouring Slovakia.

Former spy boss acquitted due to procedural errors and lack of evidence

September 2, 2021

Deputy General Prosecutor Jozef Kandera outlined his reasons to unexpectedly acquit Pčolinský on more than 70 pages.

Woman delayed a robber with oral sex. How did the case end?

September 2, 2021

The robber is in prison, but the court did not examine whether the woman from the petrol station incident was a victim of sexual violence.

Central Slovak company will create components for Lynx combat vehicles

September 2, 2021

Partnership with Rheinmetall should support and strengthen the Slovak economy and local defence industry.


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