Aviation Company Helios Enters Slovak Market

February 25, 2015

Aviation consultancy Helios today announced the opening of a new office in Žilina Slovakia as part of its ongoing growth in Europe.

Residents in Czech town honor 8 killed in shooting

February 25, 2015

Hundreds of residents of a small town in southeastern Czech Republic have gathered to honor the victims of the worst shooting attack in the country's history.

At Least 8 Killed In Shooting In Eastern Czech Republic

February 24, 2015

Eight people were shot dead in a restaurant in an eastern Czech town on Tuesday, the town's mayor said on Czech Television. "My information is that there are several injured and about eight dead after the shooter's rampage," Mayor Patrik Kuncar said in a live broadcast.

Chinese CEFC Takes 5% of J&T Financial Group

February 24, 2015

The previously announced potential entry of Chinese energy giant China Energy Company Limited (CEFC) to Czech-Slovak financial and investment group J&T now looks set to go ahead, with the Chinese investor taking an initial 5% in the J&T Finance Group.

Gun Test: CZ's 97 E .45 ACP

February 19, 2015

The man was gathering mushrooms. In dawn's mist above Uhersky Brod, he might have been a Soviet agent.

Red pandas look adorable playing in snow

February 20, 2015

The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden posted a video Thursday of two red pandas playing in the snow, and has since gone viral.

Little sympathy for Greek woes in eurozone's poorer nations

February 22, 2015

After painful market reforms and austerity under their belts, the poorer ex-communist nations of the eurozone have little sympathy for Greece's latest debt woes -- with some even insisting the bloc could survive a "Grexit".

State Funding of the Church Under Scrutiny

February 23, 2015

Since the referendum just over a week ago, asking the Slovak population if single-sex couples should be deprived of the right to registered partnerships and to bring up children, the attack has turned to the church, with many demanding that the financing of the church be separated from the State,

Three-year suspended sentence confirmed for former StB officer

February 23, 2015

Prague’s Municipal Court has confirmed a three-year suspended sentence
for a former member of Communist Czechoslovakia’s secret police, the StB,
for the beating of 17-year-old David Kazban during interrogation. Petr

Monument to ’68 invasion “legitimiser” Bil’ak immediately vandalised

February 22, 2015

A monument to senior Communist Vasil Bil’ak, who sent a letter of
invitation to the USSR that was used to justify the Warsaw Pact invasion of
Czechoslovakia in 1968, was vandalised just hours after being unveiled in


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