“The English don’t do it that way”: three generations of a Prague family in London

At a hundred Věra Hykšová is brimming with energy. She is also more than
a little glamorous. I went to see her just after Christmas at her flat in
the leafy London suburb of Richmond. Her daughter Veronika and
granddaughter Natasha had contacted me to say that her birthday was coming
up and they wanted to do something special to celebrate it. This is no
ordinary family. Over seventy years have gone by since Věra left
Czechoslovakia. Veronika and Natasha were both born in London, and yet the
family remains proudly Czech. In this documentary Věra talks to her
daughter and granddaughter about her eventful life, and all three talk
about what it means to them to be Czech in London.

Saturday, March 16, 2019