Beblavý takes legal action against Banská Bystrica regional governor Kotleba

Sieť party deputy chairman and independent MP [as Sieť is a non-parliamentary party] Miroslav Beblavý filed two criminal complaints against Banská Bystrica regional governor Marian Kotleba on January 14, citing the violation of constitutional legislation regarding conflict of interest for public officials. One of the two motions concerns the information that recently surfaced in the media, according to which employees of the regional authority have had to transfer part of their salaries to Kotleba’s bank account. “The governor confessed to journalists that he knew about the support on the part of his employees, stating that he wouldn’t object to it,” Beblavý told the TASR newswire. “The donations also go towards supporting political activities, however. A public official cannot accept such kinds of donations," Beblavý said, adding that Kotleba could face a fine to the tune of 12 monthly salaries. The other complaint concerns Kotleba’s licence to run a clothing shop under the business name of “Mgr. Marian Kotleba - KKK - ANGLICKÁ MODA”. In this respect, Beblavý added that the licence to run the outlet was put on hold as of June 1, 2014. Nevertheless, Kotleba – elected as Banská Bystrica regional governor in November 2013 and assuming the office in December 2013 – was supposed to end his business activities within 30 days after being appointed. The respective constitutional law on conflict of interests concerning public officials stipulates that any official with an active business licence while serving in a public administration office can be punished with the loss of six monthly salaries, Beblavý added.

Monday, January 19, 2015