David Vaughan’s Hear My Voice explores the “shifting sense of reality” in the run-up to WW2

Earlier this year the Czech Republic marked the 80th anniversary of the
Munich Agreement, signed in September 1938 by the leaders of Germany,
France, Great Britain, and Italy, resulting in the annexation of the
Sudetenland by Nazi Germany. Radio Prague’s David Vaughan recently
published a book in the UK titled “Hear My Voice”, most of which is set
in Czechoslovakia in the months preceding the Munich agreement. Its
narrator is an interpreter for the international press corps in Prague and
he watches the events of 1938 unfold in Central Europe as the atmosphere is
getting tenser ahead of the outbreak of the Second World War. Pavla
Horáková spoke to David Vaughan and their conversation begins with a few
paragraphs from the book.

Saturday, December 29, 2018