Droba and Jurzyca joined SaS caucus, enabling its existence in parliament

Independent MPs Juraj Droba and Eugen Jurzyca have joined the parliamentary caucus of Freedom and Solidarity (SaS), SaS leader Richard Sulík announced at a press conference on January 9 – adding that for now they are not becoming party members. However, the SaS caucus has now been resuscitated as the two additions bring SaS back up to the minimum eight MPs required to enjoy official party status. Droba (who has been fluctuating for the past three years in terms of his party affiliation) and Jurzyca (who fell short of winning a parliamentary seat on March 10 2012 but rejoined the Slovak Christian and Democratic Union-SDKÚ caucus after its Ivan Štefanec was elected MEP in May) will be on the SaS benches during the upcoming parliamentary sitting starting January 27. “The [political] right is being atomised ... this is our contribution to the consolidation of the right,” Sulík told the TASR newswire. Turning to Droba, he stressed that they have known each other for a long time. Sulík also said that he has known former education minister Jurzyca for 12 years. “He, together with Juraj Karpiš and Ján Oravec, represent the top three economists in Slovakia. Eugen will focus on public finances, and I’m looking forward to our cooperation.” Sulík wants to ask Parliamentary Chairman Peter Pellegrini for a meeting in which he will submit the application for the re-establishment of SaS caucus immediately.

Monday, January 12, 2015